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Human Resource Management: Building Bridges To Opportunity

Human Resource Management: Building Bridges To Opportunity

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Do you know what a human resource management professional does? Most of us know that you don’t want to be sent to a human resource or H.R. department because it typically means some sort of disciplinary action. Handling disruptions between employees is actually a small part of a human resource departments job. A human resource department, manager, director, etc have a very large part in the success of a business. In the modern age, the H.R. department is largely responsible for hiring, retaining, and developing an effective workforce for a company. This means finding the best candidates for a position, deciding the best way to optimize the work that employee produces, and how to motivate that employee to stay productive.

As businesses grow and adapt to modern trends, those who specialize in human resource management have to grow and adapt to them. One of the challenges that human resource workers will have to face and are already beginning to experience, is the integration of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) into a company’s workflow. Before we get into how A.I. integration will present new challenges and opportunities, let us take a look at how A.I. is being implemented today.

When you mention the idea of A.I. or Artificial Intelligence, many automatically assume you are speaking of sentient machines, potentially ones that want to eliminate mankind. Thanks to films such as the Terminator franchise, artificial intelligence has a certain stigma attached to it. The truth is that artificial intelligence is already largely ingrained in our lives. While the technology itself is still in it’s more primitive state compared to the possibilities of future implementation, if you use Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, or a digital assistant such as Siri or Alexa, than you are already co-existing with artificial intelligence. The main use of artificial intelligence at this point in time is predicting behavior. When you make a purchase or a search on Amazon, it shows you products it believes you would like to purchase as well as the one you searched for. This is created by artificial intelligence working behind the scenes to try and connect you with other products. Netflix does something similar when it says “You may also like”. Tesla also makes extensive use of artificial intelligence in its autonomous vehicles or vehicles that can literally drive on their own. The A.I. tells the vehicle how to react to stimulation on the road such as road signs, stop lights, and other drivers.

While integration into the workplace is still in the very early stages of its development, it is a technology that will, without question, continue to grow. Once artificial intelligence becomes a prominent part of the workflow, eyes will turn to the human resource department to bridge the gap between man and machine. Artificial Intelligence cannot perform the work of an entire company on its own. It will, however, become a powerful tool for those who know how to use it and implement it. As artificial intelligence progresses, the fear of employees losing their position will grow. It will be the responsibility of the human resource department to create an environment where both human based and A.I. based work can co-exist and ease concerns some employees might develop about being replaced. This will include placing employees into a position where artificial intelligence will boost their productivity, creating opportunities for employees to learn more about artificial intelligence, and having high hopes that sci-fi films are mistaken about machines rising up and overthrowing humanity.

For the moment, the best course of action for human resource professionals, or for companies that are working to establish an effective human resource department is to stay informed. The best examples of a competent H.R. department is one that stays at the front of the ever-changing H.R. trends, laws, and practices. The only other way to have an effective human resource department is to have a company such as Vision H.R., a team of Daytona Beach Human Resource Experts, take over and handle your human resource responsibilities. To decide for yourself the best course of action, Vision H.R. offers free estimates for its services, so Click Here to get started. After all, proper human resource department can be a key asset to the success of your company.

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